Successful PDR milestone for ESA ARTES 5.1 project

In December 2016, a successful Preliminary Design Review (PDR) has been held in the presence of the European Space Agency, clearing the way for more detailed design, optimisation based upon non-linear finite element analysis and sampling tests.

The main challenges for the upcoming phase will be to finalise the technical specification on last space and aeronautic customer needs, obtain a calibrated finite element model for very non-linear materials, conduct design optimisation of the concepts that were short-listed at PDR, perform indicative sampling tests, obtain a compliant and industrially viable detailed design and prepare formal mechanical, thermal, pressurisation and leak tests.

Therefore, agreements have been signed with most of the European space propulsion key players, in order to allow for realistic technical specifications and allow for tests in real environment as required by ESA's technology maturation roadmaps (TRL).

Newly developed pipe fitting on vibration test tool