ChP inaugurates new lab for testing space components

In the frame of ESA/ARTES activities, a new laboratory has been set up in 2017-2018 within the premises of ChP Consult SPRL. It allows for maximum autonomy while testing propulsion or components.

Among other equipment, it features a 400 bar helium supply, leak measurement by mass spectrometer, a burst pressure facility up to 1600 bars, a vacuum chamber with thermal control, a permanent magnet shaker (with sinus sweep, random and shock controller), a shock table, a class 5 laminar flow hood, particle counting and cleanliness monitoring equipment, metrology and Mahr nanometer range surface scanner.

In addition, on-site rapid prototyping is possible thanks to state of the art industrial CNC machines (better than 0.01mm on stainless steel) and 3D printing.